Devil's Hula Hoop

by J M 2 years ago in sad poetry

Mental Health Diagnosed

Devil's Hula Hoop

A name has been given, not chosen.

Years of having the same thoughts and feelings.

Tried so hard to unravel the mystery of yourself.

Limitless grandiose godlike

Reclusive drowning darkness

Unable to devote time to just one.

No control on when or why

Change happens when it wants

Side effects of a self-abused aging mind

Cycles moving in perfect rhythm

Hidden deep inside are annoying lessons

Cleverly they repeat, usually undetected

Different situations but the same conclusion.

Outcast as if you were contagious

Personal history examined and judged

Treat the illness, create new sickness

It's the Devil's hula hoop!

A game that anybody can play!

sad poetry
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I am just a man who enjoys seeing the darker side of life.  I have been looking for a way to express myself and possibly assist others in the process by sharing my experiences and finally opening up trying to give myself more options.

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