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Detective Brown's Baffling Forest Find


By James GreenPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Detective Brown was on a stroll one day

In the forest where the leaves blew away

She saw footprints, strange and obscure

And wondered what they could be the lure

She followed the trail, so long and so wide

And soon she found herself by the riverside

She looked up and saw a creature so strange

With fur as black as the raven's mane

It had eyes that gleamed with a fiery glow

And its paws left prints, deep in the snow

Detective Brown had never seen such a sight

And she stood there, frozen with fright

The creature looked back and met her gaze

And then with a leap, it ran away

She chased it through the forest so green

But try as she might, she couldn't be seen

The footprints disappeared, and so did the beast

And Detective Brown was left with only a feast

For her eyes, but what she saw was a mystery

And she couldn't help but feel a bit of curiosity

What was that creature, with fur so black?

Where did it go, and what was its track?

Detective Brown had many questions to ask

But for now, the mystery would be left to bask.


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James Green


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