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Desert Bells

A short poem inspired by a recent dream

By Cody J. PopePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Wandering in the desert, I hear a bell ring

Clouds of dust dance in the wind

Overhead, a phoenix, soars and sings

My mind is on fire, burning brighter than the sun

My body and soul are high, as southwestern air fills my lungs

Dozens of voices, whispers in the breeze

An oasis of hope beneath the Joshua Trees

Specs of sand are gathered in their masses

Much like skinwalkers and folklore, withstanding time lapses

Shadows begin to emerge in the twilight, as the stars appear out of hiding

The moon is full and bright...it even brings warmth from the cold desert air, which I'm fighting

I've traveled to many places, and have seen many things

But sometimes in a desert, you may think you've heard a bell ring

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Cody J. Pope

Just a musician, writer, and artist based out of North Central Texas, who has an interest in literature, fine wines, coffee, and the Macabre.

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