Describe Madness:

by Amargeaux Rai 9 months ago in excerpts

From the poetry book, 'Kiss Me or Kill Me: Set Me Free,' By Amargeaux Rai

Describe Madness:
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There are days when I feel

Like I want to stop breathing.

There are days when I feel

Like I want to smile

To hide how numb I am.

There are times when I feel

Like playing the guitar,

There are times I feel like smashing it.

There are times when I want to talk,

But I know no one wants to hear.

There are times

When I don't talk

And people wonder why.


I want to scream.


I want to cry.


I sit still

And wonder why

I'm still alive on this earth.

All the while



Hearing this little voice

Whispering to me...

Don't give up.

And knowing I have to listen.


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Amargeaux Rai
Amargeaux Rai
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