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depression with a question mark

a shot snippet from an old diary

By joi poetryPublished 3 months ago • 1 min read
depression with a question mark
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This morning

When my mom poured me a cup of coffee

I grabbed the sugar from the cabinet

And the milk from the fridge

When she drove me to school

Playing all of my favorite songs

I did not sing

I did not tap my fingers or feet

I did not skip over the songs I did not want to hear.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

With more urgency than needed

Because to her

Silence means chaos

Because in eighth grade I kept a journal

Every thought

Every love note

Every crazy new song I'd discovered

Went in it

I had to tell someone


When they found the journal

My mother cried and my dad told me to suck it up.

That I had a “damn good life”.

I said anything to get out of that room.

"Nothing. Just tired."

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  • Poppy 3 months ago

    This is utterly heartbreaking

  • The worst thing that someone can say is "suck it up". I'm so sorry this happened to you 🥺

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