Depression Is...

by Laura Thurlow 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Depression Is...

Depression is..

Mess on the bedroom floor

an unmade bed

turning down invitations because you just want to be dead

Depression is haunting memories

terrifying thoughts that won't go away

sleepless nights

and staying in bed all day

Depression is stopping mid-sentence

because you just don't see the point in finishing

What's the point? You think

all this time you've been wishing...

Wishing to disappear

depression doesn't care who you are

depression sneaks in through an open door

and suddenly... you no longer care.

You're drained


wishing things hadn't changed

yet here we are...

crying out

screaming for help

but all we can see are failed attempts

nothing is working

then we're floating

Here is the answer we've been waiting for

behind that door is a sofa

a friendly face who listens

who hears

who knows

who shows us how we are worth the time

The days get lighter

recovery feels brighter

the bedroom gets tidier

but we're still fighting

Depression is trying

but together we're stronger

depression is drowning

we're no longer frowning

It's going to be okay.

sad poetry
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