by Shawna Holley 9 months ago in sad poetry



Look through the depression of an open mind

Look back to the moment you were lost in time

The scars are there on display

There is no way to get away

But to get around these feelings that bring you down

These horrible feelings that make you drown

Move on to healing in your own way

Move on to healing, you have a say

I know it's not easy, it never is

But it's for the best, it truly is

So go back to living and leave those feelings behind

So go back to life and you will find

People still love you, there are things to live for

There will be moments in this life like never before

So stick around, wait and see

For these moments will set you free

sad poetry
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Shawna Holley

Hi Im Shawna! I love writing poetry and it has been an outlet for alot of feelings!  I also love photography and the outdoors.  Enjoy 😃

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