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Demon Possessed

by Annabella 6 months ago in sad poetry

A boy comes out to his religious parents as gay. Theme: True colors. A competition by Moleskin.

Demon Possessed
Photo by 傅甬 华 on Unsplash

They brought an old lady, the color of funeral ash

said she might be able to beat the demon out of me

before I do something rash.

Locking me in the dark cupboard

did not work

I made friends with the resident creepy-crawly

another deviant quirk.

On my fingertips, I smudge the dark grey dirt

and paint my face a big purple blue

Then with all other avenues shut

my father screams himself hoarse

dark color pours out of him-

pitch black, saffron venomous fumes.

They stick to me like a second skin

on top of the new purple bruise

‘’How can you love him?

How can you love a man?

The church forbids it,

So deviant! So deviant!’’

How could I tell him, love is a color?

And the world around me is God’s rotted earth,

I'm a demon, alright, but he in all his love

and beauty, is my light.

I am demon possessed, all right,

because I love him with all my heart

and all my might.

Fingertips brush down my spine

touch forbidden,

meant to keep me in line.

They trace over the color draped on my skin

I felt I would disintegrate,

a worldly sin.

My thoughts were only fragments

of what it was like to be a whole.

Dark green vines took over my heart

Grew big, black thorns

and then, finally, a dark red rose.

Fingers pinch my lips shut,

eyes cold like that of a rival

Stares into my honey brown eyes.

But they can’t snatch out of my mouth

the warbled words

and my skin draped in vivid color tells a story


to the lords standing right above me.

These are my true colors, and I will never go without,

Try to beat the devil and color out of me

I give a last shout.

sad poetry


“It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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