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Democracy Is Dead

by Kenneth cruz 7 days ago in vintage

A Political Poem By: Ken Cruz

Democracy is dead...

Masked and terminated with a bullet to the head..

Silenced by a label of disinformation while its lies we are fed

Asked to cover our eyes, ears and mouths as we tred

Democracy is dead

Amendments striped one by one

As if by some morbid robber with a gun

Only they don’t do this for fun

And most of us remain blinded as if we were staring at the sun

By the time they realize it will already be done

Democracy is dead

Somehow I know you can sense the dread

Or do you rejoice in false happiness instead

Not realizing until you can’t buy a loaf of bread

Democracy is dead

Our voices silences like a muzzled dog

Informations lost to googles fog

Follow the masses and dare not ask, or be ridiculed like a hog

Float along and raise no waves like a drifting log

Don’t question or doubt, play your part like a proper cog

Democracy is dead

Our freedoms pouring out like blood crimson red

Or a stuck pig dying slow to blood shed

So say goodnight as our liberties are put to bed

For democracy is dead 💀...

Kenneth cruz
Kenneth cruz
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Kenneth cruz
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