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by Jeff Carter 7 months ago in art

Homage to a Humument pt 2/3

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

We ride the other side,

almost dead, gliding along garden walls,

photos on the mantle fade,

backs broken


gone lame


lovers goodbyes stamps our cross,

he thinks we want to disembark,


sliding past life,

like the cushioned thumping of heartbeats,

a demi-death double breath.

Disclaimer: This poem is a "creation by destruction" or, particularly, redaction. Inspired by the work of Tom Phillips this set of 3 poems were created using discarded loose pages of damaged and discarded library novels. Between 60-80% of the original text was redacted to create a new poem. Original sources are unknown.


Jeff Carter

I enjoy writing short stories in magic realism, horror, and the bizarre. I have ambitions to write a novel.

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Jeff Carter
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