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Degrees of Permanence

by Stephanie Hoogstad 4 months ago in art
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Expanding Echoes

Photo on <a href="https://photostockeditor.com/image/building-landmark-italy-fortification-149355">Photostockeditor</a>

a road submerged

in yellow-brown water

algae overgrown, painting

asphalt slimy green, slick

under toes of swimmers

standing on it

just to say they did

while others float


to what’s beneath

a mining town

in ruins, revived:

grass foundations, walls

of tumbling brick and crawling vines

a bakery, a courthouse—

forgeries with electric fires

robotic prisoners—

a people’s last attempt

at molding an identity

an ancient city

mummified in ash—

weapons, pottery,

mosaics, houses—

productive destruction

a portrait of antiquity

beheld and admired

as archaeologists stitch

the holes torn by

displacement in time

a temple erect

on a limestone base

and marble columns

once crumbling

from neglect, wars, invaders,

now conserved, guarded, hoarded,

speculations made

on faded color, missing metopes,

a stolen goddess statue,

replicas made far away

mere shadows

decorative misinterpretations

of Classical Greece

expanding echoes


About the author

Stephanie Hoogstad

With a BA in English and MSc in Creative Writing, writing is my life. I have edited and beta read as a freelancer for a few years with only a couple published stories of my own.

You can learn more about me at thewritersscrapbin.com.

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