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Deep Thoughts

by Luu’sWorld . 4 years ago in heartbreak

This Time


Have you ever woke up in a deep thought

Sleepless nights and a dry cough,

The feeling of being left in the streets with the lights off.

Of course not those are just my thoughts.

While most of you are just drop offs

The test tube baby that your pops for got to drop off

No dry thoughts just wet dreams and it seems that every time I start to realize what reality is

I always get stuck in between the seams

Of an unstitched heart this life’s to dark

Just clear your mind rewind it's not divine this time


Luu’sWorld .

~I Am A Music Manager~

Just Pursuing My Dreams And Bringing Happiness To Those Around Me, Support And Show Love Because I’m All About Love, Self Love And Showing Support To Those Who Want And Need It I Love You All.

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