Deep Inside

by Katie Stairs about a year ago in sad poetry

You never liked your tea cold.

Deep Inside

I left it on the coffee table; unstained

And it's too hot but,

You never liked your tea cold.

It was not my fault per se

Instead, it was your own

Because you are the shell inside my skin

And the teeth that gnash against my gums

Causing me to spit out stories

I never knew hid in my corneas.

You brought this on yourself

Not on me for all I can do

Is react, listen, and obey.

You must realize by now

That no one is here to save you

You lost your chance years ago

When I was told to break those glass slippers

So the tracks wouldn't lead to you.

This not my fault

stop saying it is

You are the one who leads me

Pushes me

Kills me...

At night when it is too dark to see

You hold a blade of words to your head

And cry because you knew along

That the monster wasn't me

sad poetry
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