I’m totally incapable of sticking to one thing.


I’m totally incapable of sticking to one thing

I’ve started countless series on Netflix and Funamation

I change my favorite song at least 7 times a month

And I can’t pick a favorite movie, book or celebrity crush

My mind slingshots from one idea to the next in erratic patterns

I pick and choose hobbies to obsess over

like their all just passing moments or a songs stuck on repeat

I reread things I’ve written multiple times

and each time I read it I either hate it or love it

I pick choose sides of arguments over trivial things

Like whether coke is better the Pepsi

Or which star trek captain was the best

Though most of the time I think its Kirk

And the one thing I always agree on

Is that Star wars sucks

I am incapable of making decisions without going over every possible outcome

Like I’m trying to choose which wire of an active bomb to cut

When in reality I’m just trying to decide what I want to eat

Or what to read or watch next

Every single decision seems like one that's too big for me

Like there’s some other option

Or hey can I just phone a friend?

I don’t even know how to end this poem

performance poetry
How does it work?
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Jessica McGibbon

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