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Deception, History, and Harmony

Ambition and Courage?

By OneWithPenPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

Deception holds history as a "valid" source for its debate against Wisdom's certainty of where Harmony resides.

Deception uses lies and overextends its hand to Ambition as an ally for its time.

Ambition realizes the lie is rooted in truth, attempting to cover the shell of factual seeding.

Feet well planted in solidarity reflected through progression.

A concept is beholden as folded cards stuffed into a broken frame.

How callous could Vanity grow when the " stage " hasn't set a show?

Performance and presentation, where the dedication lived peacefully with Ambition, received calls from its old grounds.

Preemptive is the heart set to forgive what was "stolen" from it.

Blood-soaked dreams awoke the unsettled wanderer within it.

A dream, set in stone without hope, his heart mirrored gravel.

Pride trampled on; a dig at his humility unsettled him of his adapting versatility.

" A purchase won't claim victory. " says Wisdom, appealing to morality, while loopholes are sought sinisterly by the temptress that is the world to the flesh.

Stillness method: Endure repeatedly, breathe in, breathe out, until uncertain convictions pass.

Truth persists in objectivity and is what will always last.

Masquerades and charades?

Is your purpose the stage?

Desire answers beyond your current questions?

Take the initiative, step boldly, and be unafraid.

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My imagination, our journey, and this world we call Earth. What shall we make of the time we have left here? Well, with my time I will give you many stories. Read with caution welcome Pen's page; good reading.

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