Death: Two Ways

by Autumn Brown 10 months ago in surreal poetry

Which way will you choose?

Death: Two Ways

I sat despairingly in my dark and lonely room, thinking desperately of how to escape. All was quiet, eerily quiet. Though suddenly a harsh knocking on the door broke the silence. Warily stood and brushed down the wrinkles in my clothes, not that it mattered, and reached to open the door. Something inside me screamed "Don't open it!". But some unseen force pressed me on. As I opened the door I gazed puzzled, this man looks familiar. He wore a dark cloak and grinned a menacing smile. Suddenly it hit me, "I know who you are! You aren't welcome here!" I shrieked then tried to slam the door shut. I peeked through the little window hoping he would be gone, But no, Death still sat waiting at my doorstep. "You have twenty minutes!" he hissed then chuckled a hateful laugh. "But I'm not ready!" I pleaded as I grabbed all that had some worth to me. My good deeds and little idols I kept. Fear clutched my heart, seizing it in its mighty grip. I stood frozen as my door flung open. My time had come.

I lay silently gazing out the window, the cheerful sunbeams danced around. When a dark shadow hovered over me. I was not afraid. I looked forward with hopeful eyes, I knew only good was in store for me. Death offered me his hand and obediently I took it. I knew that I had some pretty good days in my time, but from here on out they would only be more beautiful. I knew I would miss those I was leaving behind, but only for awhile. I knew I'd see them again. "Come on" Death cackled darkly. Though he might scare others, he didn't scare me. I grabbed my one precious belonging, my salvation that Jesus gave me. He told me that would be all I needed to get to see him. Without looking back I entered into glory land. My time had come....

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