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Death by Sadness

A blue haiku like none other.

By Casper TalesPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Death by Sadness
Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash

Western in my soul,

Canada on my moustache,

Water blue because it's drunk.

by Casper Tales

That was my Blue Haiku, brought to you by the letter J.

Maybe it doesn't make sense.

Maniacal laughter erupts from my belly, as I arch my back and howl.

Let me tell you, writing is fun. It's basically the only thing that keeps me going.

What can I say? I drove outside the city yesterday, and then right back home. I suppose I am a gentleman. I am a proper road man -- real thug, real gangster.

You know what would be really crazy? If I won.

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About the Creator

Casper Tales

Age: 37

Insurance broker by day, library owl by night. Avid writer, proud father, devoted husband, and novice chess player. B.Sc. from Queen's University.

Currently living in Alberta with my wife and two children.

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