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Dear you.

by Sylvia Norris 2 months ago in performance poetry
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You, as mom would hear.

Everything seems normal when it’s distorted

You watched me through it all

You ignored me when I called

You weren’t at the phone

You never even heard me sob

He betrayed your homes

He conceived your 2 girls

He left to long

He made things very wrong

She could’ve listened

She was so lost at home

She felt nothing worth it

She slept a little more

They promised you the best

They promised you a soul

They promised you a guest

They promised you a hole

The world is so dark my love please look at me don’t let the memories of lie consume you. The meds have been in the counter mom. You haven’t took them. Your eyes seem heavy sweet angel please close them but not looking in mine. I wish you the world the stars the sand. I wish you the things we always planned. I wish you sleep like the days you died. I wish you love that had no tendency of lies. (Ending souls) ****************************************

I wish to the reader you feel just fine.

Yes baby breathe slowly.

Those words may feel heavy. They felt heavy whispering them to the lord when I felt several last breaths down my spine and my shoulders across my ears and my lashes. Death is everywhere please ignore the black spots in the corner of your everlasting positive vision. Keep moving as if you were running into the arms of mother herself. As she sit you on her lap and runs her finger cross your ear you can imagine everything bright and loving and the dark dreams seem to dissapeer.

Hold your mother in your arms in your heart and your thoughts. Don’t let her go you only have one and she is you mother alone.

performance poetry

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Sylvia Norris

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