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Dear Sweet Love

by I Pikaville l 3 years ago in heartbreak
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Pain of the Past

Dear Sweet Love,

I don’t mean to lead you on

I don’t mean to be blunt

I don’t mean to be speechless

Dear Sweet Love,

I want to let you in

I am indulged

Inside - my heart is screaming a thousand words.

Dear Heartbreaker,

Why couldn’t you just be real? No matter how cold.

Was I never the one whom you desired?

Why did you demolish my heart?

Dear Soul Destroyer,

Why did you ransack my body?

Why did you strip me of my power?

Why did you incinerate my soul?

Dear Sweet Love,

Right now, my heart can’t take more pain

Right now, I’m trying to trust again

Right now.... my heart and mind’s confused.

All while I want to be with you;

While I want this to be true,

oh.... sweet love,

First I must become brand new.


About the author

I Pikaville l


I’m 20 years old, studying my diploma of film and currently in the midst of writing a poetry book!

I’ve been writing poetry since I was 13/14, and never stopped. It became a passion and one of my greatest loves.

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