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Dear Person Who Used To Love Me

My letter to you

By Gal MuxPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Dear Person Who Used To Love Me
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Dear person who used to love me,

I remember

When it was bliss

When it was rainbows, sunshine and butterfly wings

When I loved you

When you loved me

As I was

But now

Times have changed

And I'm not the same anymore

I don't shine

They say I'm waste

I'm hard to love

You find it hard

To love me 

But don't worry baby

I'm ok

I'll be alright

I remember you loved me

And I remember how it felt

I remember I loved you

And I remember how it felt

You don't have to love me

But you know the sun sets so that it can rise again right? 

And even I, I'm gonna rise

I'm gonna shine again

And maybe you will see

Something in me, something in me to love

The lone wolf surviving in solitude, in silence

Soothed by words from strangers

Please don't love me then

Because I won't know how

To love you then


I remember how

I loved you before 


I remember how

You loved me before

You don't have to love me

You don't have to love me now


The person you used to love

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Comments (2)

  • Randa Rayabout a year ago

    lovely read, reminds me of a past love <3

Gal MuxWritten by Gal Mux

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