Dear Mom and Dad

by Cordell Black 2 years ago in heartbreak

Your son is no scholar.

Dear Mom and Dad

I am no scholar but

I know what to do when I’m hungry

I walk to the kitchen open the refrigerator

And indulge in anything I choose

I am no scholar but

I know what to do when it’s cold

Bundle up and wear a scarf

To block the cold air on my sensitive teeth

I even know what to do

when you're angry with me

Reflect and apologize if I’m at fault

Take the lesson and not the beating

Your son can get by life

But he is no scholar

Nor will I ever be in fact

In case you were wondering

There are things that I do very well

But for many things I still need your help

Please help me understand

Why when you're together there is no peace?

Why do you fight? Why do we fight?

Why don’t we go anywhere as a family?

Why do we seclude ourselves when we’re all home?

Why don’t you let me help you?

Why do I feel this way?

Why should I have to watch as our connection as a family diminishes?

Why do I have to watch as the love fades away?

Why should I have to question if we’re all okay?

Why do I feel scared when you argue?

I am no scholar so give me the knowledge of how to choose one parent over the other?

How to live with parents you watch separate?

How to explain to the world around me everything is okay?

How to choose which parent to live with?

Dear Mom and Dad

I know this is a lengthy letter

But it came from the heart

Your son is no scholar

But I don’t have a clue as what to do

When before my eyes our family falls apart

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