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dear little universe

your need for a teacher left a long time ago

By Neil SpencerPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
dear little universe // drawing & poetry by neon spencer

dear little universe

just a sliver

of atomic-47

a finger nail clipping of God

falls and lands in the heavens

crescent & iridescent

you open like a rose

eyes tinted & hued

can you spot the mystery inside?

peer out into obsidian fleck

which used to be a gradiant of periwinkle

moving towards a darker discernable

intermediate of green and violet

both are “nothing;”

on their lonesome

one day, & one night


is what they called Dao.

throbbing, gleaming

pulsing, expanding & contracting 

dithering between the 

“wah wah wah”of smoking joints & reverb

“you, dear little universe”

coursing through body rivers

breathing life liquid

alterating courses

piloting organs

pulsing ligaments

pushing hair without commands

characteristics of sugar, honey & glacial vapors

this body village is not a treasury

where gold is stored.

just overabundance

of copper

& “we alchemists”

becoming that “something,” which can heat up and change

— Neon Spencer

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Neil Spencer

Yoga Wizard / Teacher: Founder of Saumya Yoga

My name is Neil Spencer, and I teach yogis about that radiant "something," which gives everything it's beauty.

Vibes: Yoga, meditation, martial arts, mindfulness, cannabis, electronic house music

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    Neil SpencerWritten by Neil Spencer

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