Dear Life;/Abuse/Cherry Pits

by Amargeaux Rai about a month ago in excerpts

Poems from the poetry book, "Kiss Me or Kill Me, But Please Set Me Free" by Amargeaux Rai, Pgs. 25, 60, 67

Dear Life;/Abuse/Cherry Pits
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Dear Life;

I always wondered;

If I had never tried

To harm myself

To Kill myself

To leave this earth

If I had never tried

To stand up for myself,

To love myself,

To see my worth

If I had never wanted

To do more

Be more

Say more

See more

Save more time

For what really mattered

For what made me matter

To myself

For myself

And smiled a little bit more

If I had never been so sore

From all the times you dragged me

Through the mud

And rocks

Hot coals

And broken glass

Cutting me

Right down to my soul

If I had never seen

The absolute bottom

And been so broken

If I had not been able

To stand up

After all that---

After ALL of that...

Hand I had




Been Brought so low...

To feel as under appreciated

As unappreciated

And mistreated as you, life...

Now that I'm standing again...

Would I love and appreciate you this much?


Ever crumple up a piece of paper?

Ever toss it in the trash

At the end of the day?

Next time this is done,

Just for fun,

Really beat on it:

Spit on it

Stomp on it

Cover it in ink

Rip the hell out of it, go ahead.


Take that abused paper,

Smooth it out

And tell the paper you're sorry...


Did what you do to it go away?

Cherry Pits

So underappreciated.

The pits alone

Have the power to feed thousands

If given the care


And patience

Needed for maturity.

But all we have patience for

Is feeding ourselves.


Because we are still pits ourselves.



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