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Dear Diary

The Cult of Personality

By The Fly EarthlingPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Dear Diary
Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash

"Is the message lost to the idol/idle worship of the messenger? The cult of personality?" She spoke clearly, and I heard her when she spoke.

"Free-will beings live in the world that they agree to. They seek a world full of compassion and nurturing but ignore the nurturing principle. The Devine Feminine." She flew her hand and I watched as it flew.

"They speak of love for the Devine but what of the Devine's creations? Do they love one another? Do they love the Earth? Do they love the oceans? The trees? Are they inspired by the songs of the birds? Do they all accept the responsibility to spread unity and righteousness and dispel that which does not? If so, why are the most wicked among them rich instead of impoverished?" She turned her head slowly. I watched as it turned.

"What would they do if they believed no one was watching? If they were the only ones responsible for righting the wrongs of the world? Would the free-will beings of Earth come together then?" She stood beside her sandcastle, and I watched her as she stood.

"Would the burden of justice be theirs? Of vengeance? What about then? Would it be their responsibility to help their neighbor? To do something about poverty? To care anything about the world they leave their children? What about then? Would they still find it okay to be so indulgently careless?"

She marched off awkwardly and opened the creaking door of her spaceship. I never saw her again.

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The Fly Earthling

"In a world where reincarnation is real, Y.O.L.O. has no contextual relevance." - The Fly Earthling

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