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Dear Big Tech

a poem about my thoughts

Dear Big Tech
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Dear Big Tech

Please let me be

I love all you have done for me

But why now are you ditching me

I am a minority

But not the way you see

My skin shows no oppression

I have lived a privileged life

I will admit that

But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle

Today I am hurting

Because of you

Should I give you a clue?

To why I feel the way I do

Nah not a clue

Just flat out facts

Let me tell you this

You have so much power and influence

You could change the world

Be the light we all need in this dark time

But what do you do

You divide us further by spreading your truth

We can’t trust anymore because of you

Is that what you want to be known for

You don’t worry because you can influence our minds

We live with you every day

But you decide our brains

Dear big tech please help preserve our freedom that made you

Not take it from us and make us bow to you

You have power like no one before

I hope you will use it for good

That’s all I have to say

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Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry
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Anthony Terry

I am a musician and own a small indie label. Writing is the best way for me to express myself. I struggle to explain how I feel in person but when I write I find it easier to figure out what is happening inside my head.

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