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Dear 25-Year-Old Me

by Talia Devora 28 days ago in surreal poetry · updated 25 days ago
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A free verse poem

Dear 25-Year-Old Me
Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

So far, I had a phenomenal year full of learning, happiness, personal development, and magic! I had heaps of goods and bads every day, and I allowed the bads to occur for a reason: to continue learning, developing, and being okay with making the odd mistake here and there. It was a rough start to the year, but I managed to find my way around, and kept doing what makes me thrive and proud of myself. I’m proud of myself for getting through this tough start to the year.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be twenty-five years old. Boy, do I feel old?! But, I’m not old just yet. I’m still young enough to take as many chances as I can! I’ll take advantage of how much time I still have to learn and develop into an amazing individual, because I’m lucky to have it.

To start of my birthday on an incredible note, I decided to write a free verse poem about what I want the rest of 2022 and the year of 2023 to look like for me!

By Jane Graystone on Unsplash

Dear 25-Year-Old Me,

You’re going to continue living a life

full of beauty, hard work, affection, serenity, wisdom, enchantment, and satisfaction.

Your life will never be perfect,

but there’s always room for improvement!

Dear Brand-New-Me,

You deserve nothing but

the freedom to giggle, smile,

and the freedom to feel whatever you need to feel on each day.

You’re not a puppet,

You’re only human;

You’re designed to mess up.

Dear 25-Year-Old Me,

You’re going to continue doing

your favourite activities like reading,

listening to music, puzzling, etc!

Your body cannot manage to weaken,

nor can your brain and heart manage to weaken.

These hobbies you have

are intended to feed your heart, mind, and body.

Dear Brand-New-Me,

You’re going to keep filling my stomach

with all your favourite meals and desserts,

because you were born to be a foodie!

Plants are grown for a reason,

and you’re going to take advantage

of all the edible plants that have been planted with passion.

Dear Brand-New-Me,

You’re going to continue

being the smart, kind, and intuitive person you are,

because people need you very badly!

You’re proud to be who you are,

and you’re going to be the best version of “Talia Devora Flanzraich!”

Dear 25-Year-Old Me,

I hope you have

a splendid day and rest of the week!

You deserve to shine,

you deserve to bloom,

you deserve to thrive,

and you deserve to take pride in who you truly are!

By Ankush Minda on Unsplash

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surreal poetry

About the author

Talia Devora

Poetess, visual artist and lifestyle/quiz writer! My pastimes include reading, sleeping, gaming, music, fitness, etc! Be yourselves, be kind and value life! Let's connect and be friends!

My IG accounts: @tdwrites24 & @tdcreates97

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