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Daylight, Dew, And You

A poem about my childhood best friend

By Amber Van WortPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Daylight, Dew, And You
Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

Daylight, Dew, And You

The fields are drenched in daylight and dew.

I remember when

I would come here with you

We'd lay on our backs,

our hair getting wet

These precious moments, I won't soon forget.

Your eyes would open wide

like a child,

as we ran through the trees--free and wild.

I'd reach for your hand,

You'd reach for mine, too

In the springtime fields,

Drenched in daylight and dew.

About The Poem

I wrote this poem while reflecting on all the time I spent with my childhood best friend just lying in a field somewhere talking about how alive we felt. I miss these years, when we didn't perceive time as something that is quickly slipping away but, instead, saw time expanding endlessly in front of us, ripe with possibilities and outcomes and dreams. Ours for the taking.

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About the Creator

Amber Van Wort

Novice poet--currently wide open to accepting feedback of any kind in the comments!

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    Amber Van WortWritten by Amber Van Wort

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