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day one

an abecedarian poem

By ALI RAEPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

always keep secrets

breathe silently, button it up, bury it beneath

create a person for the outside world to see

don’t relax

eyes should look up, down, here, there

fear the eyes that linger, the gazes that latch

give yourself no room to dream

hide your heart, hide it deep

inside where no one else can reach


kill desires

leave the love and lust for those with less to lose

mask on

never smile when you mean it

open up to no one

prove true your pessimism, pickup your shattered pieces even if you bleed

quiet, or they might see

real emotions


tie it tight

under your ribs

vow to keep from getting burned again

weep in silence, out of sight

xoxo, exes, memories of ecstasy

you have learned this time, hopefully

zero days since heartbreak, start the counting over again at one.


About the Creator


writer // reader // dreamer // punk princess

i exist somewhere between star wars & jane eyre with occasional detours to mars & idris.


los angeles, CA

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  • Belle4 days ago

    Beautifully written, Ali Rae ❤️❤️

  • exposes the many layers of protecting one's heart, a heartbreaking reminder of the barriers we create to protect ourselves from grief, and captures the cyclical cycle of vulnerability and resilience.

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