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Poets in Motion

Day and Night

by Charlie Adeola about a year ago in slam poetry


Day and Night

Sometimes Alone and alienated

But look what God created

In the East a sunset

Wheres all the regret

I searched for an answer

I was the question

But out of the trillions of stars in the sky

After questioning why

I realized

I didn't need a plan

That anything could happen

If I force it the sun will still set

If I force it that's when I regret

Maybe I never experienced it because i tried to control what i could not control

I let a select few look in my soul

That is why there is not a lot of eye contact

It's another day

I'm awaiting the sunrise

And now I have a friend by my side to watch the sunrise, forget about regret and see the sunset

As it becomes night moments are passing like street lights

As life is a long ride

My passenger isn't sure of our destination

But I know where we are headed

As we pass these moments

Different emotions arise

To my passenger's surprise

They've always been there with me

But I never knew who they were

Until I opened my eyes and they entered my soul

In the end the passing moments didn't matter

All these thoughts I gather

For everything lasts forever

And the only important moment is now

slam poetry
Charlie Adeola
Charlie Adeola
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Charlie Adeola

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