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Darkness Resolved

See the Light

By Moe RadosevichPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read
Darkness Resolved
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the pendulum of time,

has chased the fear filled,

to the backside of eternity!!

what will be “is”,

events with meaning,

no longer have value,

casual thought,

a passing fad,

time clicks forward,

seeking tomorrow;

counting today;

reliving yesterday;

training flawless in the march,

embrace the unknown,

unveil the bothered,

ease their burden,

feel their strain,

remove their doubt,


persistence prevails,

quitters continue to fail;

performance is measured,

be counted;

step with purpose,

pursue the pursuance,

unleash the calm within,

tame the wild,

escape the dark of the dungeon,

and see yourself,

in the light,

for the darkness,

has been resolved!!

a short journey to the center of the mind, darkness rules they who don’t seek the light, 😱, thanks fir reading, hope you all enjoyed

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Moe Radosevich

I am always touched when something I write touches another so if any of you my fellow creators have been touched thank you

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Sure would appreciate more reads and maybe some tips or pledges thank you

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Comments (6)

  • Babs Iverson6 months ago

    Spectacular and loved it!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Now I know why darkness rules me. Because I'm just chilling with it without searching for the light. Lol. Loved your poem!

  • Grz Colm7 months ago

    Thoughtful work Moe!! 😊 Great message.

  • Excellent words

  • Mother Combs7 months ago

    Well written

  • Dana Crandell7 months ago

    Well said, buddy! It's so easy to let the darkness rule at times...

MRWritten by Moe Radosevich

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