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by Meko Kaprelian 3 months ago in social commentary

Like Colors We Are Divided

Photo by David Levêque on Unsplash

The colors we see are just light divided,

to favor one over another keeps us in the dark and hiding.


Red is the color of the heart's blood fire,

primarily it represents love, emotion, sexuality, and desire.

Orange is more than just fruit on a tree,

It's all that is joyous in our lives; its wonderment setting us free.

Yellow the most luminous of all the hues,

the Sun's warmth brings us happiness and drives out the blues.

Green the symbol of Mother Earth's love,

also has a dark jealous side that boils the blood.

Blue is the shade that is both high and deep,

with loyalty, trust, and wisdom stretching from sky to sea.

Indigo isn't easily seen with the naked eye,

it's the realm where creativity, fairness, and spirituality lie.

Violet displayed by an intense wild flower,

is actually rather modest and has faith in a higher power.


Each color represents life in a beautiful way,

but together they are needed and necessary to light the day.

Shunning light's diversity by segregating colors,

leaves humanity in perpetual night and the darkest of hours.


We use color as our primary means to divide,

whether it's skin tone or a flag fueling hate and national pride.

Loving one color's beauty is not wrong at all,

it's colors segregated leading the deeper into darkness humanity fall.

social commentary
Meko Kaprelian
Meko Kaprelian
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Meko Kaprelian

I love the adventure in traveling and how it realigns your social compass to help point you in the right direction. We are here on Earth to learn from one another not destroy each other. I hope to learn from writers here on Vocal.

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