Dark Man


Dark Man
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Men, Women and Children, gather round; listen to these words, read how they look, hear how they sound. These words are to warn; yea there will be those whom hear, who will mourn.

These days are dark, far and wide; the innocent have nowhere to hide, these poor little souls: The wicked do torture with their filth and pride. Though the Children of Light save and avenge as many as they can; there is one lurking, one known as the Dark Man.

Soon all that is Good and Pure, will seem to vanish into thin air. Then the Dark Man shall appear; some will love, some will fear. He will come fight the Two from above; he will destroy them with malice, without love.

Those whom are here that still love; will suffer for their way from above. In a short time, they will run, they will hide; protected all, near and wide. Some unaware will be taken; although, they shall not be forsaken.

The Dark Man will reign for a season and a time; all his enemies will be brought before him, in a line. Those whom obey, will have life; yet those whom refuse will die.

In the End, there is another whom will fight; the one whom is called The Ancient One shall come with His Sword and all His Might. Hear these words and be prepared; for the rise of the Dark Man is near. Keep thy heart guarded and thy mind clear; and know within there is no need to fear.

surreal poetry
Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper
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Mindy Sleeper

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