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Dark Below

by Luci Worsham 8 months ago in nature poetry

Forbidden Fruit

Dark Below
Photo by Juri Noga on Unsplash

You walked in and I knew.

I saw the look on your face; so did you.

I love you and you love me,

But what do I do?

Warm, safe… I’m home.

Why then do I stoke my Flame?

Burn it all down.

I treated it like a Game, so you go.

My Heart breaks, but See?

I hold the hammer.

All you did was care; I wasn’t being fair.

To you these broken Pieces I must show.

These Shattered Shards should say that I’m whole, but inside I still must grow.

I must not lie and say goodbye,

I promised through thick and thin,

So long ago.

Shapes and colors fill my head.

I’m lost but found.

Why then…

can’t I be with you though.

I’m Scared.

Of what is, what was.

With that fragrant oil you anointed.

In our Deep, Dark below.

But I lied, to save my soul.

My God… the toll.

I promised myself to you.

So long ago, in our Deep, Dark below.

So Why then, can’t I be with only You.

nature poetry

Luci Worsham


I'm Luci, I'm a trans girl in a cis world... All I can do is keep my head up! I love you all, always remember to just be yourself.

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