by Annisa Love 2 years ago in sad poetry

You were my weakness.


The darkness was here when they left.

The darkness had swallowed me whole and wouldn't let go when they left.

The darkness had driven them to leave and left me wondering what I did wrong.

It grabbed me by the leg and dragged me under.

It sucked me in and I couldn't see day light.

I was drowning and no one could save me.

My mind was taken hostage and there was no where to go to.

Nowhere to escape.

Nowhere to hide.

I kicked and screamed and bled and clawed trying to save myself.

Trying to break free.

When you left the darkness shriveled and died, the same way I thought I would if you would leave.

The darkness was never apparent once you packed your things and walked away.

It never occurred to me,

That the darkness was caused by you.

You were my only darkness.

Now that you are gone, I only see light.

I can breathe again.

sad poetry
Annisa Love
Annisa Love
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