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Dante’s Wings

by CR. Phoenix about a year ago in inspirational
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Soaring beyond colour ...

Glo-Sticks at night photograph by Author

Right from the start I knew you’d hold our hearts,

You were so small and so sweet yet you knew it complete that pink was not for you...it was blue that was more your type of hue

Watching you grow into such a bright little girl, you took everyone soaring right out of this world

Your creativity spun such glorious places all within view in front of our faces

You stood your ground at such a young age telling them teachers that you control the page

You pushed and forged ahead thinking and knowing that that someday you would dread

In your courage you had found the grace of angel shining down

Fighting to make sense to those yet not knowing it wouldn’t matter to me your hearts still golden

You’ve always been talented, you’ve always been smart but the one thing you should know is how much you taught

Taught us to be open, taught us to be brave, taught us everything will be okay

But you should know, what we already knew that from the day you were born, we really love you.

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About the author

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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