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‘Danse Macabre’

An Epidemic Dance with Death

By J. S. WadePublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2023
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Damnable Danse Macabre’s Obliterate,

Idiosyncratic, ill-advised Babble.

Squirreling scurrilous fotos; Fabricated.

Tethered telecoms, flagrant; Unnatural.

Rhythmic, rapacious desires; Salacious.

Abandoning authentic; Community.

Cellular craziness, wired; Anxious.

Temporal thrills, wasted lives; Travesty.

Interrupted, imprisoned life; Imploding.

Obtrusive obstacles killing Nirvana.

Nix, nefarious incursions; live Golden.

*** Danse Macabre - The Dance of death.

Authors note -

The addiction to cell phones and other electronic devices is destroying our society, families, and relationships. People drive 4000-pound autos while texting, gaming, and watching videos. Walking down the sides of the streets or highways and weaving into danger at their peril. Families or couples in a fine restaurant, four feet away from each other, with their faces buried in their devices. The Danse Macabre is here, and we are waltzing a dangerous set.

Put it down, go outside, and have a face-to-face conversation with your loved ones. And when you go to bed, turn the damn things off. Then, as the Trekkies say, you will live long and prosper. If you don’t believe this cell phone DISTRACTION epidemic applies to you, then you are OBFUSCATING.

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About the Creator

J. S. Wade

Since reading Tolkien in Middle school, I have been fascinated with creating, reading, and hearing art through story’s and music. I am a perpetual student of writing and life.

J. S. Wade owns all work contained here.

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Comments (56)

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  • Jacobus Strydom4 months ago

    Beautiful, and painfully true. Really enjoyed this, thank you.

  • Leslie Writes4 months ago

    Excellent poem. I took a while to comment on this one because I am in denial about my own addiction to these things. I am working on it. Thank you for writing this. It is the reminder that many of us need.

  • Canuck Scriber4 months ago

    Really excellent. Congrats on your Top Story!

  • Lazulii Rain4 months ago

    Totally incredible! I resonate with this so deeply... And absolutely appreciate the way you choose to articulate your words. Very powerful indeed. Thank you for this wisdom.

  • EDITH Chioma4 months ago

    Sweet in the ear and good to read

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    Great message and brilliantly written, Scott! Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Gerald Holmes4 months ago

    Well done, Scott. I loved your note at the end.

  • Brian amazon4 months ago


  • Silent Scarlett4 months ago

    Scott you are amazing

  • Roy Stevens4 months ago

    Exactly, and that says about all that needs to be said.

  • João Mota4 months ago


  • Donna Fox4 months ago

    Scott, what a great poem with a beautiful message behind it! Your work in very powerful and thought provoking. Also, congratulations on Top Story! 😊

  • Faisal Bilal4 months ago


  • CH NOMAN4 months ago

    shoutout to u

  • Jazmin Fernandez4 months ago

    Beautiful. Well done, congrats on TS

  • sleepy drafts4 months ago

    Incredible! A very, very important message. Beautifully done. 💓

  • I agree great poem and message

  • Sonia Heidi Unruh4 months ago

    Just amazing. Reading this on my phone, so at least I'm glad I'm not driving. Live golden!!

  • Carol Townend4 months ago

    This is brilliant Scott, and you are spot on with your description and opinion.

  • Love the double acrostic. This challenge is right up your alley!

  • A. Lenae4 months ago

    The thought and punch this carries is really something. What a gift of a poem. So cool, Scott. Well done!

  • Ahna Lewis4 months ago

    That double acrostic was so creative! Great job with this one Scott and such an important message too!

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