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Missing you!

By C S.Published 5 months ago 2 min read
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My Dear's, Danny

I so wish you didn't have to go, I am missing so. Just a glimmer a flicker of a light. Even in the darkness of nights. You were a dream come true. The time we had will forever make me glad.

In blink you are gone like a candles light extinguished by a puff of wind. That's snuck up a pond us. As the wind that no longer echo's with your happy sighs. I am holding you now. In my mind eye and in my heart of heart my empty arms long to reach out to pull you to me.

Once again in my sleep I awake thinking I am hearing you whisper for me. To come to you I am ready to rise when I realize. I am dreaming of you and it is not true.

You are gone no longer to cuddle in my arms. The tears slip out from under my tightly closed eye lids. As a smile crosses my face, a memory taking place in my mind and in my heart.

Of before you, before you departed. When you were here by myside and the happiness we shared. I could never hide it from you even in my to disperser when you were bad. And should have been sad but even thro you would smile.

At that look I held my words, knowing you didn't understand. I wish I could reach out and just hold your hand. Then chatter with you once more about only nonsense only you could understand.

Today I am to say goodbye to you, But I really just want to sit and cry for you. You shared so much happiness with me, now it truly is time for you to depart.

Good bye my love and when we see each other again have hug ready, to fill my empty arms and warm my heart.

Sincerely, Your Loving Grand Ma, Lucy

P.S. I can hardly wait til, next summer! Miss you already !

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