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D'où je viens

by Dany Jean-Pierre 4 months ago in slam poetry
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an answer that should be simple doesn’t have to be.

Where I'm from

Where I’m from you woke up to the sounds of blue jays and the six o clock news

Where I’m from Daddy is watching the news to see which friend died today

The language of my fathers passes through his mouth,

Je prie a Jah pour le monde d'aujourd'hui.

Where I’m from racism and prejudice are the biggest monsters.

Where I’m from It’s normal for people to stare at you

Their faces always contorted in a mixture of fear and disgust

I was seven years old, my head in the clouds, but as I looked down I saw reality.

Loves are lost, Families torn, Bullets shot, Another one gone

Looking down was a tragedy

Where I’m from you put your head down and you gear up for a verbal lashing

I was a loud girl, with a large imagination, endless questions, and a lack of respect for anyone but my momma

Toujours respecter la mère

Where I’m from it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand your mouth is shut

I went to a baptist private school, the only school around

Where I’m from you pray that you might be saved

You cross your heart and pray

Lord put your hand over my mouth and cage up my curiosity

So I don't say anything stupid

Where I'm from you don't have a voice

Individuality is a crime

Where I’m from the war is against reality

Imagination is the only weapon

Yet I'm still cryin out

Because my soul is being torn bit by bit

By these monsters of reality.

Where I'm from Imagination is my escape.

My survival of reality.

Where I’m from is where dreams go to die.

but where I reside is where

the clouds meet the sky

the leaves dance in the wind

Where I call home is a haven

Where I live is imaginary

but Where I stay is beautiful

Where I am feels real

slam poetry

About the author

Dany Jean-Pierre

I started with libraries and now I’m trying to fill one with all of my own works.

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