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D Day

by Mike Wayward 4 years ago in performance poetry

Poetic Alliteration in the Key of D

Decorated distractions

Doused with decadence and despair

Dreams of the disconnected

Dissipating into thin air

Directing the diverse

To down-play and disperse

Deferring days to default

Defaulting to the drab

Dribbling along

In a disconnected daze

Drifting along in a disillusioned haze

Diluting the driving force

Drifting day by day

Dutiful discipline

Depriving the dreamer

Dreaming to dance the dance of the free

Derelict demeanor

Daunts and draws nearer

As the dusk dawns another day

Dictators of domestic dominion

Directing dossiers over the

Devoid and down-trodden

Down dead ends

Deceptive detours

Deterring divine destiny

Delegate distaste

With apathetic haste

Deeming disdain be

Divided among the mundane

Whilst the dastardly defiant declare themselves a name

Dissipating delusions

That once detained their brain

Denounce us this day, our daily dread

Detain the demons, that run amuck in my head

Dance with the devil, down disturbing dissent

Damned and determined, to discard my discontent

Determine my direction

Diving deep into dire dissent

Drowning in the depths of despair

Drudging the determination

Decisively drawing a breath of air

Descending down to the den of demons

Detrimental detainment

Demanding dispersal to

Reclaim space for my mental rehearsal

Dreaming to dare

Daring the down-trodden

To double down before it's too late

Drowning in the downpour

Trudging through the dredge of

Afterthoughts and alliteration

Altering initial motivations

Motive is mandatory

It's all in your head

Just do yourself a favor

Live before you're dead

performance poetry

Mike Wayward

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Mike Wayward
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