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By Esmee BallPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Let's do da detox, It's an overdur play,

It's really not as painful as everyone say.

A retreat or holiday for our body, mind

& soul, Time to recuperate vital body

salts. Yes it's Class A treatment set in

luxurious grounds, green grass & fresh

air. Truely a splendid free perk.

One of many: you'll be well impressed

it's no joke. And beyond the fear

holding you back, Rehab will put you

back on track. You'll feel the sun on

your skin & notice blue skies. Infact

life on earth is beautiful I tell you no

lies. It's not all peachy there's no gain

without pain. But these centres are

trained to take away the strain. So

ok you may have sleepless nights

& aches here & there. But it's worth

it I swear. Now don't get all booky

it's really not bad. Whether you get

pain in your knees, or Woah Betide,

you might even sneeze.

surreal poetry

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