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Cypress Shadows

Beauty and serenity in the Mississippi Delta

By L.A. HancockPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Greenville Cypress Preserve. Personal photo.

As I walk through the swampy cypress break,

The senses come alive with every step,

The earth beneath me squelches with each take,

As if it's holding secrets it won't let.


The scent of cypress, moss, and muddy earth,

Intoxicates my senses, I inhale,

I feel the cool breeze and its gentle mirth,

The rustling leaves, a harmony so frail.


The trees, they tower, with a solemn grace,

Their branches reaching high, with outstretched arms,

The sound of rustling leaves, a soft embrace,

As I am lost in nature's soothing charms.


My eyes drink in the beauty all around,

The greenery, the shadows, and the light,

And every step, a new world I have found,

As I walk through this mystical delight.


This cypress break, a wonderland so fine,

In all my senses, its splendor divine.

nature poetry

About the Creator

L.A. Hancock

I'm a wife and mom, and this is my creative outlet. I am experimenting with lots of different writing styles and topics, so some of it is garbage, and I'm totally fine with that - writing is cheaper than therapy. Thanks for stopping by!

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