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Weaver Bird transforms the stories of her ancestors into poetry & songs.



You were a corporal in the ox and bucks light infantry

You were in command of platoon 2 D company

Messages of hope you painted on glider walls

Before you soared into the sky to find the river Orne

Major John, he trained you hard, live gunfire through the night

That you might capture bridges and be ready for a fight

They armed you with a parachute and a PIAT gun

You silently descend into the dark, nowhere to run

Did your time at Kyber pass prepare you for all this?

From Bethnal Green to Dagenham, escaped before the Blitz

It's strange to think, a small change to the path you chose to take

would result in a difference to the man that time did make

You laid upon the riverbank and to your great surprise

The weapon that you fired caused a gunboat to collide

No more grenades, No more bullets, bursting from a gun

Ham and jam, Oh! Ham and jam, the battle here was won,

That was not the end for you, the war had more in store,

As if you hadn't seen enough, been stricken to the core,

Your grand prize for your success in old East Germany,

Became a POW at Stalag 11-B

Freedom at last, the Desert Rats, they liberated you,

It's hard to think about the torture that you suffered through

and when you sent your medals back in 1962

the distance memories of the brave soldier you once knew

By Candi Godbold for Grandad Curly Godbold x

NEXT TIME: Join me back in time over a hundred and fifty years ago in 1861, where three fishermen brothers set out to find their fortune and a better life on the North Yorkshire coast.

Corporal Charles Godbold "Curly" 1915-2008

Weaver Bird
Weaver Bird
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