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Country of Hunger

Feeding them a loaf of bread with coffee and giving them a goodnight kiss...

By Jessica Pedraza NicanorPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Country of Hunger
Photo by Jordan Opel on Unsplash

Kids starving and looking for food,

Worried for their mom's safety and what she does for work,

Mothers asking for money to bring their families some hope at home,

Working extra hours to make it through the week,

Who would think someone has to go through this,

Sleeping to hold the ache that comes from hunger,

Selling yourself, because you just need the money to feed your kids,

Feeding them a loaf of bread with coffee and giving them a goodnight kiss,

No doctor visits because you can afford it,

Crying in your bed praying to the lord he won't take your son,

Have been pointed with a gun, wanting to do more but you can't run,

Every day is a worry when you live in a country of hunger.

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About the Creator

Jessica Pedraza Nicanor

Writing is about sharing any type of emotions and thoughts the writer has to share with the public. I share my writing with only one purpose, let my feelings through my writing relate, help, and inspire someone out there.


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