Count Your Blessings

by Ellowen Ophelia about a year ago in sad poetry

A death of a family member or even a close friend is enough to feel like every bone in your body has shattered. Mourning the loss of someone you love is painful and depressing. This poem is dedicated to my very best friend who I lost three years ago.

Count Your Blessings

The wind in trees

They whisper

At the solid little thought

They maybe soon or one day

You'll be right next to my heart

I'll see your crown above you

Wings flying in the breeze

And surely I'll possess mine too

We'll be floating with such ease

As time goes on I wonder

What it will be like when

I'll find you in the heavens

And be right on cloud ten

Here on earth I miss you

Here on earth I died

Here on earth I wailed for you

But my cries, they went denied

I look up at the sky

Sit and wonder how you are

I wonder what you're doing

I want to know how far

Days go by and by again

And leave me in some tears

But at least I know that one day

Those ears of yours will hear

We will talk and reunite one day

Not one thing can get in our way

So for years I'll have something

To look forward too

Something that I know is true

So save me a seat in heaven

Till that day

I'll count my blessings

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