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by LiLi Raja 8 months ago in inspirational
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Tales of Hermitage

For so long, the consuming melancholy tunes of home haunted the crevices of her mind

Which was embedded with the embodiment of an overflowing ocean

The bricks she tried to lay always seemed to fall over for there was no Babylon to be found

So the days went by, painting her grey and with no color to alight the flame within her, she held her demons in

They ate her

Berated her and tormented her every step of the way

Yet still she searched

Even in her hurt she looked for stars in the darkened alley ways

Only to be met with dead ends

And when she thought she found a slither of light, some semblance of laying a foundation

It infected her mind with more poison

She no longer felt like she was chosen

Only time could tell but time and her mind did not bode well

And the story felt like it wouldn't end well

Cause she walked the path lonely

Solely it seemed would have to be the way

Until one day she made astray

And made a wrong turn

It would serve her to learn that mistakes were meant to be made

Cause the mistake that she made landed her right in her home

A dwelling where her mind was no longer construed

It may not have been physical

But nothing was typical in her realm

It took her time and don't take it lightly because like Rome she was not built overnight

Let me paint the picture:

As her mind slipped, fighting to get out of her head

She found a rose growing from the concrete

I know the truth is hard to digest

But try not to get lost

The rose sprouted on a path that none seemed to walk on yet all came across

It’s just that, this time a lost soul decided to pay attention to the rose

Something most would ignore

But why would she opt for

A home where there was chaos

When she can get lost in the best of herself

Watering this form of life

In turn she cultivated herself

Turning the narrative around

She found a home where the tale of the loner

Turned into something for her

Now that she found refuge in herself, even in the darkest parts

She comes bearing a message for all:

Immerse yourself

You’ve been depriving yourself

Of the highest of yourself

And that’s not sitting with me well

It’s time to tell a tale

Where the ship finally sailed

It’s hard to believe

But this being was conceived from the depths of the sea

Driven by different galaxies

It may be hard to see

But I know her all to well

And what meets the eye is not ideal

So no time to conceal

Layer after layer she used to bury herself

Until the buildup started strangling her

Wrangling with her shadow self

Who haunted her every step of the way

Causing her delay

Now how could I negate the fact that she wasn’t always the best

But who cares to stress

When the world thrives off of chaos and love

So let me put it simply

Cause the road may be bumpy

But you will always make it through

It’s not a matter of ‘how much’ or ‘how little’

Don’t let them invade the confines of your pretty mind

Cause you are a divine

Just be you and more will come.


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