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Your beliefs create your reality. Like what you see? If you don’t, do you believe that you change it? #VocalNPM

By Xavier J. WatsonPublished 5 years ago 2 min read
Ignorance isn’t bliss.

Shouldn’t the very notion of freedom be free?

But that ain’t what society is telling me?

Society says that I should be paid for my time.

But is your hour of paid freedom the same as mine?

$15/hr. $17/hr. $20/hr. Don’t matter.

There is no top step on the corporate ladder.

See, how can you be free...

When you’re a slave to money?

If you look at your bank account currently,

You’ll see that you’re short on currency.

We live collectively with a mindset of scarcity.

But to live freely with the mindset of abundance?

Well then that’s heresy.

To go against the religion of the 9-5 doctrine is blasphemy.

I’ve already done it. So if you see the founder...

Ask for me.

When did you decide to throw away your dreams

Turn your ends into means

Working for masters making streams

Of money

For who? You?

Lemme tell you the truth, boo.

This American Dream you believe is for the producers, not the consumers.

The rich invest and save their dough,

The poor spend it and “work” for more.


The millionaires and billionaires freed themselves from lack, limited thinking.

One of the greatest lies ever told is that you can’t control your blinking.

See, you are a master mind.

Your mind controls all.

Give control to society

And that’s your downfall.

And just like “Down goes Frazier!”

Down goes your income.

Down goes your self worth.

You tell yourself you ain’t got no dream.

So you keep rowing the boat “down” stream.

They say you should go with the flow.

But what if you know

Fa sho

That the flow you’re flowing is the path of following,

Instead of the path of knowing.

Knowing that you are talented.

You are genius.

You are amazing.

You are brilliant.

How does it feel to hear those words?

Does it sting a little bit?

That’s that devil on your shoulder

Saying “Submit, dammit. Submit!”

But when you know in your heart of hearts

Who you truly are

You won’t need to shoot for the moon.

Cuz you’re already a star.

Imma give you the secret to being rich.

And it doesn’t require being a snitch.

Or becoming somebody’s...


The secret to becoming rich lies inside.

The treasure of your body, soul and mind


Maybe you’re not meant to be an entrepreneur.

But stepping out of negativity into positivity turns that old self into the newer.

It’s a new day. It’s a new life.

This relationship is over. Get a new wife.

Divorce stability. Marry uncertainty.

The prologue is written.

Now write with conviction.

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Southern gentleman & military brat.

Actor, screenwriter, singer, voice actor, blogger.

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