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Conversations in My Head

When proper communication fails.

By KBPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Image courtesy The Guardian/Conversations With Friends

What happens

Between the echoing silence

And the long deep breaths

When the world is asleep

But we are awake

Sentences running

Running through your head

But the double yellow line

Cannot connect them

To your mouth

So how am I to know

If you love me

Or if you even like me

If you don’t say it


While these sentences run

Run through my head

I wish I could connect

The double yellow line

From my head to my mouth

I guess I’m just like you

After all

Because I can’t ask you

I don’t know why

These words cannot

Come to fruition


Maybe we are just

Meant to have a disconnect

And supposed to let the

Rest of the world

Dissolve away

Maybe it’s possible

That I’ll never know

If you love me

Or if you even like me

But as long as you

Brace my skin

Shine your blue topaz

And spend

This echoing silence

With me

It will all be alright

performance poetry

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