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Conversation with a Demon

"Demon, Demon, in my ears screaming..."

By Alex C-BPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Demon, Demon

In my ears screaming,

I could hear you scheming,

All my life.

Demon, Demon

In my dreams appearing,

Is it fear you’re speaking

With these lies?

You’ve got this startled look in your eyes,

Little star.

Let me in, Let me in,

It’s your darkest secret.

You feel me as a demon

But I fail to see the reason

For this fear and delusion.

I’m your sole ally.

Are you sad? Are you sad?

Should I come inside?

Are you mad from the fire that burns in your mind?

We are meant to be crazy

So let’s conquer the world

For everyone to see

But we don’t have much longer.

I'll be a humble servant

As your benevolent tyrant.

Trust my words,

I have watched you grow.

You can call me Ego.

Please go away,

You will not fool me today.

Retreat to your shadow,

I am not scared anymore.

Time to move forward and grow.

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About the Creator

Alex C-B

Pieces of myself through facts and fiction - A fallible human of the digital era. I bought the ticket, missed the ride, then tripped down the rabbit hole and woke up stranded with you in this strange matrix.

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    Alex C-BWritten by Alex C-B

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