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Contemporary Caligula

comes crashing

By Jacob ShermanPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Contemporary Caligula
Photo by iam_os on Unsplash

Caramelized curmudgeons

call careful critics




Cool, creep.

Continue corralling


Crude collections callous


Custom-cooked crustaceans

cannot conceive continuity,

cannot conceive care,


core causality.

Cease cantankerous curation,

come communicate.


caterpillars can change.

Choose charity,

choose challenge,

choose chivalry.

Choose caterpillar capabilities!

Catapult carelessness,

carry calmness.

Come, comrades!

Clap contemporary Caligula's cheeks


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About the Creator

Jacob Sherman

The desire to read, and perhaps to write, should be cultivated and nurtured with care throughout every stage of life. For my part I will inject what strangeness and truth that I can into our written history. Expect no constants but honesty.

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