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by SagethePoet about a year ago in slam poetry


Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

Continuing down a path a distrust

Once again there’s nothing left but disgust

Never gained faith in disgruntled displays, but

Took a chance on explicit distaste.

Even jealous creates turned up displaced.

Navigational penmanship, carefully dictated

Tempting scrolls with a fallout of disgrace.

Patiently I await to elevate and reap higher praise.

Longing the calling of shameless escapades.

Administering patients with placid lakes and

Tantalizing escapes, towards bluffs to

Establish more than carnal trust.

Simply to learn ice even melts in lust.

Tinged with hindsight, the foreground is foggy.

Avenged by moonlight, where groggy shadows

Seemingly haunt me. Pressing on and up

Towards dustless taverns, where clingy

Entities gather to sing and discuss the scattered

slam poetry

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